I Help Entrepreneurs, Coaches And Strategist Become The Authority In Their Niche Using My Real25™ Method, So They Can Raise Their Influence , Raise their Impact, Raise their Income.

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Latasha Mitchell is a Funnel + Joint Venture Strategist and Digital Marketer, helping business owners harness the untapped power of authority to scale their business faster, and easier, than they ever imagined. She's turned the on-line entrepreneurial world on its ear with her revolutionary Real25 System and is renowned for her work as an innovative digital marketer. Latasha is recognized as the leader in Influencer Branding + Influencer Marketing.

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A high-performance coaching program that rebels against traditional coaching, Elevates you as the authority, activates your influence help you create a business that will leave a legacy. So You Can Raise Your Influence, Raise Your Impact, Raise Your Income.


This is a rare Opportunity to meet my team and I, in Malibu, CA. Where we will help you scale your existing product using our powerful Real25™ Method (LIVE)Together we will help you to step into the role of where you’ll become the go to person in your niche. When you’re positioned as an Influencer you’ll sell more, create trust and have Influencers begging to promote your product.

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Are you ready to find Joint Venture partners to scale your business but you don’t know where to find them? We’ve created a the playbook on finding, connecting and securing partnerships! Click the link below to get the playbook!



In the 21st-century, relationships are where it is at. Many of you have heard of the Dream100 concept, and it is good… so good, that Russell Brunson says he built his entire business on it. However, life is moving fast and evolving, and so is the power of relationships. I think the Dream100 is evolving as well. I’ve always thought the concepts in and of itself were good, but it is a little clunky. It’s incredibly difficult to sustain, and paying tons and tons of money to give gifts in hopes that someone promotes you seems risky at best. There had to be a better way. Then I met Latasha Mitchell. She began introducing me to some of her brilliant ideas on how to build professional relationships through a more refined manner. She calls it The Real25. I took her principles and begin applying them… Today, I began calculating how much money I’ve made with professional relationships and the power of partnership. It’s mind blowing. Latasha Mitchell is a big part of that. If you’ve not heard of her you really need to look her up. Her genius of The Real25 has literally made me hundreds of thousands of dollars this year alone. She’s genius. Dream100 isn’t dead, but The Real25 is the most effective and efficient way to build professional relationships online. We invest so much time in so many things to build our business, but I would venture to say the most powerful asset that you have is relationships.
Chad Thibodeaux
Two Comma Club Winner
OMG FULL DISCLAIMER! I’m gearing up for another 2 Comma Club Launch and As Russell Brunson says find “THE WHO” there’s a huge ORGIN STORY (bit on that latter) Everyone I spoke to in the 2CCX said Latasha Mitchell has the NEW Dream 100 but on steroids!! BETTER, FASTER and EASIER. Just got off her discovery call with her and all I have to say OMG I was BLOWN AWAY when she told be about her “REAL 25” Strategy and how I can quickly implement it into my HUGE Product Launch Latasha Mitchell’s “Real 25” is FIRE . She gives you a complete custom influencer plan. Easy to Follow plan --> She Gives true value --> -->Then she tells you how to implement it! She is a INFLUENCER rockstar. Seriously NEXT level stuff... Even though I already have a 2 Comma Club Award you can always learn something new and utilize the strengths of the people in the group because they are a gold mine! I was SO IMPRESSED by her and Amazed I needed to come on here and let everyone know. If you have a product or are planning on launching one talk to Latasha Mitchell. If you don’t your just LEAVING MONEY on the table.
John Golat
Two Comma Club Winner
I was looking for someone to help build a funnel for a program I was launching. Coming from the entertainment world this was a brand new venture for me and something that although I had a keen understanding for, Latasha was recommended to me by a friend and as soon as she and I got on the phone it all clicked. Latasha had already done research on me, my brand and that was incredibly impressive. She came prepared which not only saved time and money but also allowed us to focus on the end game. Latasha’s insight, knowledge and connections into the world of Funnels and digital strategy are enormous. Within just a few days of our first discussion we had a plan, a funnel and strategy to launch. Latasha has been invaluable in this process and truth be told... I don’t want to share her with other company. She’s that good."" JAMES BARBOUR - AWARD WINNING BROADWAY STAR, INTERNATIONAL SPEAKER
James Barbour​

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